My fly rods are beveled on a Bellinger hand planers friend and then hand planed to final taper. All components are of the highest caliber I can find and I go to great pains to give a high quality finish. I’ve developed a few tapers of my own, but am willing to work with anyone that wishes a match of an old masters taper or one of the many fine production bamboo fly rods of the past.

All rods ordered from my website will be designated ” custom built” under the signature flat of the rod butt.Also the butt cap will be engraved with stone rod co. This means the rod will be made to order. From the cane color, to reel seat type, ferrule style ,wrap colors and any thing else that comes to mind.  even a choice of rod tube and engraving if desired. these rods are to be of a higher grade of fit and finish . The best craftsmanship i can deliver.

I will also offer pre-made rods of high quality with standard tapers and  simple wrap patterns with slight cane blemishes or slightly mis-spaced node patterns, mis-matched tips or slight finish blemishes on my inventory space below, and  on ebay at a significant savings for those on a budget.these rods WILL NOT be marked as “custom built” or have engraved  co. name on the butt cap.

All D.R. Stone rods are warranted for life against failure due to material or workmanship. {repairs of breakage done for minimal charge} I pride myself on being efficient in my repair times and can normally get repairs done and back to you within 30 days time. I also am able to give quick build times on custom blanks within 2weeks time. custom rod builds are running about 45 to 60 days for delivery at this time. these times while typical  are subject to change.

To sum it up my desire is to give my customers a  good deal on a custom fly rod or blank at an economical price delivered on time  in an efficient business like manner.