About the Maker

dr_stoneMy name is Dennis Stone. I’ve been a contractor, in the home improvement business for 25 years. I’m a single father of a teen age daughter and have 3 dogs and I’m afraid I’ve spoiled themĀ all.

I live in Portland Oregon and enjoy camping and fly fishing in the Cascade Mountains.

I became interested in cane rods about 15 years ago. I met Dwight Lyons, a well known bamboo restorationist, about ten years ago and he became my mentor for learning to restore and repair cane rods. When it became evident that I wanted to build rods, his advise, as well as the folks down at the Bellinger Co. helped to get me started in the right direction. D.L. Whitehead was especially influential in helping me in all aspects of rod construction. I can’t thank either of them enough.

I’m interested in offering my customers the best value in a quality built fly rod.